Commercialising a Natural Material – Sheep’s Wool.

Commercialising a Natural Material Sheep’s Wool Bioeconomy Summit

We recently spoke with Josie Morris MBE, Managing Director, Woolcool, England.  She will join us as a speaker for the National Bioeconomy Summit in October.

What will you be talking about at the National Bioeconomy Summit?

My plan is to outline Woolcool’s journey from its origins through to becoming a market leader, and then onto where we see ourselves in the future. Along the way we have experienced the ups and downs of any start up, along with cynicism due to using a natural material and being something that challenges the status quo. I’d like to share how we have overcome some of these challenges through a number of different methods, including research, development, good communication and strong brand.

What motivates you about the bioeconomy?

Nature is both a force to be reckoned with and also a delicate balance. The bioeconomy is the core to everything we are, and we do as people. That is why I am passion about it and exploring what we can achieve if we work within the bioeconomy and not against it.

What do you do/your organisation in the bioeconomy?

We hope that we are raising the profile and displaying the possibilities and opportunities of using natural materials as sustainable alternatives to the current external challenges. Along with our product, although we know we are not perfect, we hope we can be an example to others of how a business can be conscious and work within the bioeconomy and still have a place in the commercial world.

What policies/supports are needed to help the bioeconomy grow?

From my experience at Woolcool, we have found that legislation/certification and even tender applications are often geared towards man-made materials/plastics/status quo. As natural materials are not catered for in many of these areas, it takes a lot of time, energy and resource to push back against this to achieve a positive outcome. Many companies will just give up on the certification/tender application at this point, which means some awesome products and innovations are not reaching their potential.

We also need honest, open and independently driven education, both for the younger generation but old generations too, to combat any misinformation/misleading statements from those with their own agenda. To hear Josie speak on this subject make sure you book your place at the National Bioeconomy Summit in October.  Tickets available here