Dr. Lalitha Gottumukkala

Chief Innovation Officer


A serial innovator with extensive knowledge and experience in enzymes, microbes, and fermentation. Lalitha has a PhD in life sciences (Bioprocessing and Biotechnology) from Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT), India (2015). In her PhD she discovered a novel natural butanol fermenter that does not form acetone and received a business plan award from CSIR, India (2011.) She also developed strategies to co-produce solvents and organic acids and was a visiting researcher in the University of Naples for three months under a Marie-Curie fellowship grant.

Lalitha worked as a Project fellow in CSIR-NIIST on fungal enzymes production for bioethanol from agricultural residues. She led the 3-year project and developed the technology that made CSIR-NIIST qualify for scale-up and technology transfer funding.

Lalitha has postdoctoral research experience (three years) in Process Engineering at Stellenbosch University, South Africa (2014-2017). During this postdoctoral tenure, she was awarded the Claude-Leon fellowship for her project on a paper-industry biorefinery. She wrote and managed 7 research projects (worth ~€2m) and worked with several companies in South Africa to valorise waste streams.

Lalitha has worked with a wide variety of feedstocks for process and product development. Her interest is focused on feedstock evaluation for biorefineries, process development and optimisation.
Lalitha is currently working at Celignis on the ENABLING CSA project.

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